carrier profiles

Carrier Profiles

The markets that we have available to us can be simply broken down into “A” markets, and “B” markets. If we think back to our school days, we’ll remember that “A”s were harder to get than “B”s. The same principle applies in insurance; you have to be really good to get an “A”.
“A” markets are appropriate and available to people with a good, long, clean driving history. “B” markets are appropriate and available for everyone who isn’t invited to the “A” party.

“A” Markets Include


A group division of Intact Insurance. If your employer is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, or Board of Trade, you may be eligible for 15% off auto rates, and 10% off your home insurance.


The Big Kahuna. Intact has been around for a long time, and they know how it’s done. They are an industry leader who loves home and car packages, and if you happen to have a motorcycle as well, their rates are very competitive.


With a head office located in Oakville, ON. they offer very competitive rates in the Halton region. Dominion also can accommodate motorcycles, cottages, and other family fun items. If you have a ticket on your record though, keep on shopping; they’re tough!


35-65 years old and perfect? Chieftain is for you. These no muss, no fuss policies don’t offer a lot of room to change coverage, but the coverage that is offered is above the industry standard and the premiums are low. If you like to collect points on your credit card then Chieftain could be a great fit.


Like your aunt who never had kids; low tolerance for shenanigans. Pembridge has little room for high risk drivers. They can be very competitive for rural areas if your fire station has a shuttle service. If you’ve been licensed for 20 years and claims free for at least 10, Pembridge is for you.


With a recent rate decrease, Aviva has been very competitive across the “A” markets. With specialty lines for the fun stuff (boats, cottages, RV’s and ATV’s) Aviva is the total package.

Royal and Sun Alliance

Who? Just kidding. RSA is a great market for middle aged drivers. They have a huge array of discounts; if you can stack them up, this company can definitely work for you and bring a fantastic rate to the table


Located out of North Bay, Optimum has great rates for the northern lifestyle. If you are a hermit or simply don’t like to live with neighbours near you, Optimum is sure to have some great options. Great products and rates are continually being developed and improved for city dwellers too.


Now this company knows how to have a good time. With an appetite for toys,Northbridge is great for boats and motorcycles. If you happen to have more cars in your house than drivers, Northbridge could be for you.


An “A” market that is new to Youngs, we’ve noticed that while particular postal codes are offered great rates, Burlington and Oakville customers may want to give this company a polite nod and keep on walking.

Peel Mayborough

Yee haw. An “A” market who loves the country! Stellar rates for those of you who live outside of the city, have oil tanks or heat your home without a gas furnace. Not close to a fire hydrant? Peel Maryborough might be for you.

Lloyds of London

Rental properties, student rentals, and other commercial rentals, eat your heart out! Lloyds product and pricing cannot be beat in these markets. Lloyds is the stuff Landlords dream about.

“B” Markets Include


The understanding Grandmother who has seen it all. Pafco offers competitive rates after a few mistakes. Tickets, and accidents don’t mean a sky high rate. Gaps in coverage if you didn’t pay your last policy aren’t going to fly though.


Accidents and tickets doesn’t stop Perth from seeing the best in you. Their rates are even better if you purchased your car new. Like Pafco, this isn’t the market for you if you’ve had some payment troubles.


Lots of tickets? More than 3? Jevco is your gal. If you have a couple of accidents too, you’re still eligible for some competitive rates with this company. They’ve seen it all.


Not into commitment? Echlon offers 3 month and 6 month policies. This is ideal for drivers who have a major change in their record in the near future. You don’t have to get locked in to a 12 month contract.


Easy going, toes in the sand kind of company. Coachman has a wide range of eligibility criteria, giving them competitive rates for many different kinds of drivers with various driving histories. Criminal convictions aren’t a deal breaker with them, and the best part is, they’ll change your rate midterm if your record has improved


If the whole prior list doesn’t sound like it’s a fit for you, then Facility may be where you belong. When no one else will insure your vehicle, Facility will be there will $$ in their eyes.