After an auto accident, it is important to collect a few key details from the other party involved to protect yourself. You will need their name, contact information, insurance company, policy number, and drivers license number. If the police are called, a Collision Report will be generated with these details. The police do not always need to be called but these important pieces of information should always be collected. A picture is worth 1000 words – if you can safely snap a pic of the damage, it’s never a bad idea. Call us and we can walk you through the process over the phone, and determine if it’s in your best interest to open a claim.


The leading home insurance claim in Ontario is sewer backup damage. This refers to water coming into the house from means of where it should exit (drains and pipes). It is important that you do anything that is necessary to stop any further damage from happening. If you notice water on your basement floor, move items to a higher surface if they are sitting on the ground. Call us immediately to have the damage assessed and determine if a claim should be opened. If it is outside of business hours, call your company -specific claims number to speak with a representative.

After hours claims numbers

Aviva 1-866-692-8482

Coachman 1-800-361-2622

Dominion 1-800-268-5371

Chieftain 1-866-692-8482

Echelon 1-866-931-0570

Intact/Novex 1-866-464-2626

Jevco 1-866-864-1112

Northbridge 1-866-621-6262

Optimum 1-877-806-8023

PAFCO 1-800-387-0462

Pembridge 1-800-387-0462

Royal Sun 1-800-319-9993

Economical/Perth 1-800-607-2424

Peel Maryborough 519-741-3084

Facility 1-877-841-4400