It’s crucial to have someone (who is qualified) to review and manage your mortgage. Just like we manage your insurance portfolio, James Loewen of the Loewen Group, and his team manage your mortgage portfolio. Their access to many different lenders means they can do some shopping for you. Options = savings. Think of a broker as a ‘strategic partner’.  Everyone knows a strategy gets you to your goals faster. Credit scores can’t be improved over night – making a broker part of your longer term financial team will allow you to outline your goals (current and future) and make a plan to get here.  Unfortunately, waiting for Great Aunt Milly to die so you get a chunk of dough isn’t a great savings plan. It’s actually quite morbid, and rude you weirdo.  It isn’t all about having more money either; it’s about making your money work for you. $100 towards principal is a lot better than $10 to principal and $90 to interest! It’s the same $100, but working much differently…feel me? Banks LOVE interest like a fat kid loves cake. Brokers aren’t motivated by this. They don’t benefit from high interest.  Working with a broker to make small tweaks in your payment can save you THOUSANDS (yes, 3 zeros) in interest.


Here’s a little broker poem to highlight their benefits:


B- Boy, call centre’s suck. Talk to a broker. You know their name and they know yours.

R – Rates! Lots and lots of rates. Brokers have access to tons of options. Options = savings (remember?)

O – Only a broker will help you pay less interest on your mortgage. Banks LOVE interest

K-Keep you on track. Have a goal? Share it with your broker. They’ll make a plan to get you there.

E-Extra attention – Mortgage brokers have a portfolio for you that they manage and strategize with. Banks don’t .

R-Routine. You don’t have to remember to review your rates and make sure your money is working for you. Dealing with a broker will allow your broker to routinely check on your mortgage and make sure you’re on track.

Give James Loewen a call and see what he and his team can do for you!