A ‘good deal’ in terms insurance means both a price that doesn’t force you to sell your first born, as well as coverage for damages most likely to occur at your house.

The number one property claim cause is water. Water coming up through drains, water over flowing, bursting pipes, basically any water coming up from where it should go down.  Without getting graphic, you can imagine how unpleasant this could be to clean up. You can also imagine that if it was your job to clean up this dirty water, you’d charge a pretty penny.  So does the insurance company.

I’m no Olympian, but I do well in thinking of coverage in terms of tiers, or ‘gold, silver, and bronze’.  If you have approached your insurance provider, be it a brokerage or an agency, without a doubt you have said ‘get me the best deal possible’.  Your price may be awesome, but you may be severely under insured.  Has your insurance provider given you all your options in terms of the gold, silver and bronze packages? Have you made an informed decision about your coverage amounts, or have you left it to someone else to find you a great deal? I know most of you worked hard to buy your home (for those of you who had your dad buy it, maybe for this example just imagine how hard he had to work to get it for you). Not making sure that it is protected against something that is statistically likely to happen (and in some postal codes VERY likely to happen), would be very irresponsible, like “password” as your password irresponsible.  Talk to you insurance provider, ask questions about coverage limits, and get informed about what actually is a great ‘deal’ and what’s just risky business.